Can you be an “Agency Life” Agency?

At the end of September, we’ll be looking for busy agencies and firms in the marketing, communications, PR, advertising, and digital sectors to start working with our students. You may have a project that needs doing, there may be a variety of different tasks that you could use some assistance with each week – the key thing is: these students need experience of life in agency or communications department environment.

We have 286 students who will be working in teams of around 6 and each team will be looking for a host agency or organisation for 2 terms, starting early October and ending at Easter.

Students will be with you (at a site of your choosing – either your own site or that of clients where appropriate) for either a whole morning or a whole afternoon.

They will also work an additional 3 hours in facilitated and coached environments here at the new Business School – and that work we hope will be work that you’ve given to the students. We’ll write more about this soon.

There are a wide variety of briefs you can give to the student teams.  A long term project, something you’ve had sitting around that needs doing, but you’ve had no time or resource to kick off. Or there may be tasks that your staff have that would be usefully compelted by a team of bright and enthusiastic. Maybe you’ll have a series of tasks for different clients throughout the year that could benefit from help and insight from our students.

What’s your Commitment?

  • You host your team every week and make sure they are working on something
  • You’ll agree and sign a personal development plan for each worker at the end of term 1
  • You’ll “grade” their teamwork and “grade” the quality of their work at the end of term 2
  • You’ll monitor attendance as you would with any employee

But don’t worry – it’s easy to do and is a natural outcome of your time with these students.

What’s the Benefit to you as an employer?

  • You get to see the new talent a long time before anyone else and road test them against your rigorous critieria
  • You get the benefit of extra hands which you can use
  • You can get stuff done that has been waiting for someone to do it for a while
  • You know that they’ll get the work experience which you keep asking us for
  • You can ask for additional help over and above from the talent that you would like to employ on a part-time basis  – having seen how they work
  • You can demonstrate to your clients and the community your commitment to the future development of our local talent

So – Are You Interested?

We need your help and we can’t do it without you. Please get in touch with David on or Ben (Brendan) on and we’ll get in touch to talk to you about the programme. We want to make a difference and we want you to help us do that. Please share this post with agencies and clients around Manchester and share the love.


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4 responses to “Can you be an “Agency Life” Agency?

  1. Hi David and Ben – The Institute of Place Management has a big international conference coming up in 2013 so it would be good to get a team of students working on a digital marketing campaign for that. Is this the sort of project that would work for you?

  2. Hi Ben / David,

    Always interested in the potential opportunity to recruit extra hands, and minds, to assist in the development of our digial marketing activities. We have loads to do, so would have plenty of avenues to explore, giving the young’ens plenty to get their teeth stuck into.

    Let me know where we go from here, otherwise I will talk to you at the next MMU day.



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