The Importance of Work Experience

I regularly meet people in industry from Manchester at networking events, award ceremonies and conferences. Conversation inevitably comes around to someone saying they need staff but those people “must have experience”.  We can’t “teach” experience at University, it’s something that can only be acquired in the workplace. Graduates can be trapped after finishing University because they might have knowledge but all of the job ads say “Must have experience.” Employers are trapped because they feel they need someone who can hit the ground running but can’t find anyone – and most people who have post-university experience are in a different price range.

So it’s important that Agency Life is here. It’s an opportunity for undergraduates to gain important skills from the workplace that they can demonstrate to future employees. It’s an opportunity for agency and client employers to provide that experience in a convenient way and for them to make sure that undergraduates are getting “that kind” of experience they’re looking for. Without your help we can’t meet your needs.

So – please look at Agency Life. Keep in touch with the web site, follow our Twitter feed (@MMUAgencyLife) and “Like” our Facebook Page. We’re hoping you can join us as an “Agency Life Employer.”

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