What kind of project can Agency Life students do?

We’ve got several different kinds of student working on Agency Life from September – they come from different course routes (but have very similar educational outcomes from their first year at university – the second year is where they start to specialise).

Our routes are: Marketing Management, Advertising & Brand Management, Retail Marketing, PR & Digital.

There’s no limit to what students can do – there should be some link between the work they carry out within your firm and their career aspirations. There’s no distinction between offline and digital as we realise that all our students need experience in both. We’d love to have projects that are based within PR firms, full service marketing firms, digital agencies, advertising agencies and communications businesses.

As an example it makes sense that PR students engage with a PR company (or the PR function of an organisation). But those students aren’t limited to that kind of work or that kind of organisation.

What can students tackle? Remember your first day at work? What did you do? What did you find useful/would you have found useful? Students are going to be working with you for 2 terms, at least half a day on your chosen site and half a day back at MMU. What would you like doing? Is it every day work that needs hands? Do you have a project that needs starting and completing? Have you committed to a pro bono piece that you’ve not had to time to do? Is there research that needs picking up? Do you have a part of the business that could do with a bit of extra help? Where could you benefit from a fresh set of eyes unfettered by baggage and “can’t be done” attitudes.

The key things is – it’s up to you. We want your student group to add value to what you do – and the value they get is experience. What experience do you want when you hire graduates? Think about it and then say – how could I provide that experience here?

Have a look at our post “Can you be an Agency Life agency?” and see if it’s something you can offer. It won’t cost you anything.


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