Road Test the Future – For Free!

Employing new staff comes with risks – what are they like? How can we trust the references? What if they don’t fit in? This is even more of a problem when your new staff have no history. For some firms it can be a costly error.

The MMU Agency Life Programme offers the antidote to this, with some subtle carrot and stick options for the talent.

You can test the future talent by having an MMU Agency Life Team work for you, free of charge. Check the other posts on this web site to see how it works – there’s a useful guide for you download too. But this opportunity allows you to road test future talent without committing to anything beyond our programme. Where else can you see 6 bright, enthusiastic individuals in action in a real world environment? You can see how they fit with your work culture. You can see if they’ve got what it takes to do the job. You can ensure they’ll know how to do the job when they eventually have to do the job for a living. You know that there will be hundreds of other students who have been through the same programme at MMU and the Agency Life badge means you’re assured of their experience – plus you can check with the Agency Life business community to check on how good future candidates are when they apply for work with you.

We don’t doubt any of this. We’re rather more convinced you won’t want to let go of such great people when it reaches the end of their time with you.

Please take some time to come to our event on 9th August (don’t worry there will be a few more of these in August and September). Make sure you read the different items and find out more about how you can take advantage of this unique programme. Nobody else does it.

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