6 Students? I don’t have 6 desks. Where can I put them?

Several firms have said they’re desperate to take part in Agency Life – but they don’t have the “room for 6 people”: they wish it was just one person.

Option 1: The great thing about the Agency Life Programme is that your team don’t need to come into your office as a team. In effect what you have is 6 days of person time at your disposal, 21 hours of which can be at your site. The other half  of their time can (and in many cases should) be based up with us at The New Business School at All Saints where dedicated space is available for these people.

So you could have say one or two students come in each day.

They don’t have to work on a single specific project. They can each work on their own tasks. You could assign each individual student to individual employees or team leaders and say – “there you are, helping hands”.

Option 2: Students only have to spend half a day with you – the other half can (and should) be spent with us in our dedicated workspace. If you find space is still a problem, you could insist that you always meet your student team at The New Business School and that they book you and them a place to work. It’s easy and we have plenty of space for that too.

Option 2 is great for people like freelancers who don’t necessarily have a fixed space but would like to spend time working with and briefing their team. It’s also a great idea for employers outside Manchester. We can’t expect our students to pay to travel outside Manchester (they’re skint already) but you might be happy to come into town and meet them for a few hours each week to do your work with them. Get the student team to manage the process. After all – they need the experience and time/project management skills are highly rated by future employers.

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