Freelancers can use an Agency Life Team

A number of freelancers, from diverse backgrounds in marketing, advertising, digital, and PR have been in touch to ask how they can take advantage of the Agency Life programme.

They have a number of issues.

  • Issue 1: They don’t have a formal office space in many cases
  • Issue 2: They have several clients at any one time
  • Issue 3: They do lots of different things for different people

These aren’t problems at all.

Issue 1: In our post 6 Students? I don’t have 6 desks. Where can I put them? we looked at the issue of not having enough space to host students on your site. As a freelancer, you’re unlikely to be able to do this. However, you can work with your student team on our site. Get your student team to arrange a regular working space every week for you and them. The New Business School is set up for smart working with you and your student team, so there’s no reason why you and they can’t work on your tasks here.

Issue 2: Why not get your team to assign tasks for your different clients? If you’re going to see a client, why not take the assigned students with you – clients can be very impressed with your commitment to providing students with true work experience – when you go and visit them at a client site?

Issue 3: It’s important our students experience many different skills and tasks. They don’t have to be very narrowly defined by course title or job description. Think how many skills you bring to one client and consider how students can experience that with you. Who knows – they might know something you don’t.

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