Friends with Benefits 2: Management Development

We’ve been talking informally with a few host employers about their Agency Life projects. One theme that’s come through is the specific benefit that Agency Life will bring to their own organisational development.

Many agencies have staff who’ve been on their books for a couple of years now. These were the juniors and graduate starts from a few years ago. Their titles may have changed from exec to manager now as they’ve become more experienced in their chosen profession – no longer account exec but account manager as an example. But professional progress can only go so far and the inevitable “where does my career go next?” soon appears.

During these difficult economic times, many organisations have not recruited newer junior staff as quickly as they might have done. With directors keen to ensure that experienced staff don’t leave because of an apparent lack of prospects and development, what can businesses do?

Agency Life can give experienced team members their first chance of supervision and management. If one of your team is ripe for an experience that takes them to the next stage of their career development, managing one of our Agency Life student teams can provide a valuable early days experience for your staff. It works out well whether one staff member is going to manage a whole team or whether several of your team need to manage a couple of people each. Either way your staff can get their first taste of managing other people during this time when having other people to manage might be hard to find. Result – you retain your experienced staff.

Have a look at the different configurations of project here on this article on different types of project – or ask about different types of project below in the comments section.

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