Gettus! An Agency Life Team of 6 Smart Cookies

Carlton JeffrisGettus! is a start-up digital business founded by Carlton Jefferis, a Masters student on the MMU/Econsultancy MSc Digital Marketing Communications course. Prior to founding Gettus! Carlton’s career spans 17 years working on pioneering Internet and digital projects for a diverse range of businesses including financial services, telecom, consumer electronics and digital media.

Carlton explains the background to Gettus! and how Agency Life is set to become an integral part of its forthcoming launch.

Around a year ago I had a little idea during a lecture. Fast-forward twelve months and Gettus! is a reality and we’re getting ready to launch a beta version in the coming weeks.

So what’s it all about? Gettus! is a brand new way for people to keep tabs on things they know they’re going to buy in order to get deals, offers and great prices on them. Rather than sending daily deals, voucher codes and offers for stuff you don’t need, Gettus! starts by asking what you’re actually after, and only then sends you offers that match these exact requests. We think it makes much more sense and the really great part is it’s a win-win for consumers and retailers alike.

I’d been talking to David Edmundson-Bird for some time about involving students in my start-up after seeing first-hand the talent and skill being nurtured at MMU Business School. How could we harness this to the mutual benefit of students, MMU and Gettus!? When Agency Life was conceived I jumped at the opportunity to host a team of students all hungry for some real life work experience. Nothing could be more real than what our ‘lucky six’ are going to be part of over the next year.

Gettus! isn’t an agency it’s an online service, and our team will be learning about life at an early stage digital start-up with real growth potential. Although we’re a virtual business our base for the students will be in Manchester where it’ll be all hands on deck – and a lot of hard work – but we’ll make sure we have a lot of fun on the journey. The skills and experience they’ll be developing include:

  • Community management – we’re developing communities on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The team will help shape these and, with our guidance, develop strategies for community management and content plus develop editorial schedules.
  • Customer acquisition – we’ve got two customer groups: consumer users and retail customers. Working to objectives and targets the team will help drive acquisition of both customer groups through a variety of channels such as pay-per-click, blogger outreach, social media and growth hacking.
  • Monitoring and measurement – by the time our students come to the end of Agency Life (but hopefully not their time with Gettus!) they’ll understand why benefit-driven metrics are the key to long-term success and not just sign-ups, page views or even revenue.

These are exciting times for Agency Life students to be coming on-board, to say the least, and we can’t wait to get to work with them.

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