NEWS about Agency Life 2.0

In the next few weeks we will be launching our drive to recruit new employers and retain existing employers for our new version of Agency Life (aka Agency Life 2.0) which will run from September 2013. We’ve listened students and employers in great depth and taken on board many of the issues that we have encountered in this first pilot of the Agency Life concept.

So what’s new?

1. Students will need to elect to come onto the employer version of this unit – this means students can choose a taught version of the programme where they do not spend time with an employer

The students who choose to go on the employer route will then have these things to think bout:

2. Students can choose which employers they would be most attracted to and prioritize them. This means students are more likely to end up with a host employer and industry that attracts them

3. Employers will be able to identify and choose the students they would most like to work with. This means that employers are more likely to identify the kinds of student that would fit in with their organisation.

4. Employers won’t have to take a team of 6 any more – you can just have one person you’d like to focus on, or have as many as you think you can handle. This is ideal for small firms where there just isn’t room for a team but there is room to give a single student a great employment experience.

We’ll be making it possible for students to view profiles of the potential employers well in advance from our website, so that they can make informed choices. Likewise employers will be able to view profiles of each student electing to go on the employer route and make informed choices about who they would like to consider.

We’ll be running regular and informal mixer events from March until the end of July giving employers the chance to meet students and vice versa. We’re also encouraging employers to consider other formal and informal ways of getting to know potential candidates.

We have a host of other improvements coming out soon and we’ll be updating the website over the next few weeks to show you all of these changes. We’ll also be running our V2.0 launch event where we invite old and new employers to come and find out more. Stay tuned.

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