FAQ: How to read and manage the Student CVs for Agency Life Internships

Every so often registered employers  receive an email with a new batch of CVs to consider. Creating the CV is a hurdle for the students to overcome as they have to work out what info from their regular CV you want to see. We know that this means that students have to make an effort, and that those who get their profiles done are the ones moving forward.

CAVEAT! CVs get posted “as is” – we don’t check them.

So – first thing you can do from this article is grab one of the student CVs (available from the Student CVs section to the right – they are broken down into the 4 courses on which Agency Life students  study) and follow this guide. Dealing with the CV is pretty straightforward but there are some things of interest.

  • You’ll see we’ve asked the student to include their student ID – e.g. ‘12345678’. This is helpful for you because it means that you can communicate with him directly should you want to. Student IDs form the student email address system. To email that student you would simply append ‘12345678’ (changing 12345678 for the actual student ID) to the domain ‘@stu.mmu.ac.uk‘. We’ve done it this way to avoid any robot trawling issues of student email addresses.
  • We’ve also made sure that students identify which programme they’re on. Students may also indicate here if they are on a sandwich programme, which means that they’re going to be looking for a year out in industry in their 3rd year – something to bear in mind.
  • You’ll also notice that we’ve asked for a LinkedIn address – again you may want to connect directly with the student through this. Useful for now in communicating with the student but also think about the future.
  • We’ve asked for students to reveal their pre-University qualifications so you get an idea of their 16-18 performance (and any other awards they may have put themselves up for)
  • There’s a section where we’ve asked them to show their marks they’ve got so far in the first year. I’ve warned students to be brutally honest here – and students won’t hide the fact that one or two of their grades might be less than perfect.
  • I’ve also asked the students to emphasise 6 things they want from their internship. Look at this carefully and see whether you are going to be offering an internship that will go some way to heeling the student achieve their experience objectives.
  • The personal statement is a freeform bit – hopefully you’ll learn a little about the student. And some students will already have some ideas about future jobs and will put these in the last box –some students might not say more than ‘I haven’t decided yet’ , because they’re still making their minds up and wants to use the experience of Agency Life to start to determine what they’re truly interested in: a wise choice.

Each CV should be enough to make you decide whether you’d want to pursue any further connection with a student for any formal or informal discussion. Once we have a CV and it’s been mailed out to the mailing list, they are placed up on the MMU Agency Life Scribd Board (as mentioned above you can access these via the Agency Life web site  on the right hand side under ‘Student CVs’) and they are broken down in to the different courses the students study. CVs will remain there until a student and an organisation have agreed an internship, so you’ll always she able to go and look at the ‘back catalogue’. 

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