Agency Life is a Level 5 2nd Year unit for students studying in the Department of Marketing, Operations and Digital Business at MMU Business School. This unit is designed to introduce undergraduates to the experience of working in a busy advertising, marketing, PR or digital agency, or a busy advertising, marketing, PR or digital department within a large organisation as part of a structured programme of learning.

Students will spend 2 terms (from October to March) working with a real organisation and be exposed to the real everyday experiences of operating in a busy environment. They will be assessed on their professionalism as practitioners as well as on the things they produce in the workplace.

Students are expected to spend the equivalent of “about a working day” working with their host employer. This can be working on a single project, a number of specific ongoing and concurrent projects, carrying out ad-hoc tasks and roles or working within a specific job-role. This can be contained into a single day (preferred) or broken up into smaller periods of time.

Final grades are determined by a combination of employer and tutor assessment. Employer involvement in the assessment of the agency experience element constitutes a large proportion of the grades.

Students come out of Agency Life with the confidence to face employment knowing they have real work experience – this sets them up for 3rd year placements, internships and graduate roles after their final year with a real understanding and expectation of real working life.

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  1. Nice idea. What sort of skills will the students be already equipped with vs what they will hope to be exposed to?

    I’m not familiar with what is involved in a Digital Business course at MMU.

    • Quite a mixed bag – they will have completed a first year – either in Marketing Management, Advertising & Brand Management or PR and Digital Marketing. So you’re looking at people turned 19. Quite a lot of different backgrounds, fairly basic skills and knowledge in their area. But probably no experience of agency “office life”

      We hope they can be exposed to anything an agency wants to throw at them – and learn skills on the job or through personal development. It can be a long term project, a series of small projects, regular every day agency activity – anything. Think about what skills and experience you want your future talent to have and think about how you could give that experience to a group of 6 students. Think about how they have to manage you as a client, or whether you can expose them to your clients. What stuff can’t be “taught” and can only be experienced? It’s a really open door.

  2. Is this international? I’d live to do this but we are based in Barcelona and I can’t get back for the event.

    • groovegenerator

      I’m afraid the students will be in Manchester and so their host firms have to be in Manchester too – they work with you one day a week.

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