Application Form Checklist

Get this information together before you start filling in the form

We need info about:

  • Your organisation, and who the most senior person sponsoring this is
  • We’ll need email addresses, phone numbers, URLs and snail mail addresses
  • We need to know if the intern will be working at the address you give for correspondence or somewhere else
  • We’ll need the details of the person who is going to manage the intern – again email addresses, phone numbers, and snail mail addresses.

We’re asking what kind of business you are:

  • Agency or Client-side (or something else), and we’ll be asking for some details about this – we also ask you to tell us a few words about your business so think about products, services, clients etc – use this to sell your business

We ask you to tell us what the students will be working on:

  • A single project over the year; several projects over the year, one after another; ad-hoc roles within the business throughout the year; specific roles within the business or something else.
  • Think carefully about what you can do even though this is just a quick ‘tick’ – we’ll ask you to give us a few details of what you expect the students to be doing. The more specific you can be, the better.

We ask you to let us know if the work is on a site you own or that of a client (if you are an agency type of organisation).

  • We do not recommend that students work remotely or without supervision. 

We ask about incentives:

  • We ask if you’re prepared to pay for any travel expenses that students incur getting to you
  • We ask if there’s a possibility of extra paid part-time work during or after the internship 
  • We ask if there’s the possibility of a sandwich year placement after the internship 
  • We ask if you take on graduates

We also ask you to sell your internship a bit – so that you can persuade someone that they really want to come and do their internship with you.

Then we have some due diligence issues – you’ll need to do you homework for this bit:

  • We ask you if you already have a relationship with any students who may be going on to the Agency Life internship (and if so we ask for some details about who they are)

We ask you about 2 kinds of insurance that you need to have an intern:

  • We ask if you have employers liability insurance – if not we can’t let you have an intern and we ask for the policy number and underwriter.
  • We ask if you have public liability insurance too – and we ask for the policy number and underwriter.

Business with universities:

  • We ask if you currently supply or accept business services from MMU (and we ask for some details)
  • We ask if you currently supply to accept business services from any other University (and we ask for some details here too)